13 05 2019

Communicating after a Cyber Attack

Organizations of all sizes are at risk for cyber attacks that can cripple operations and cause lasting damage. Businesses must have a plan in place for communicating with customers...

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01 05 2019

Say hello to the new Imagit!

Big news! We are celebrating twenty years in business with a brand-new logo and brand identity! Over the next few months you’ll see the new logo and colors roll out on our website,...

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15 03 2019

Growing Your MSP Business in the 2020’s

In a highly competitive market and with growing customer demands MSPs must focus on core strengths. MSPs benefit by handing network system configuration and maintenance over to a...

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28 02 2019

MicroAge Awarded 2018 Channel Partner of the Year by ImagIT

ImagIT Solutions recognizes MicroAge for it's achievements and accomplishments with the 2018 Channel Partner of the Year award.

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12 02 2019

ImagIT Solutions Receives 2018 Best of Chicago Award

February 12, 2019 |

ImagIT News, IT News, IT Services

ImagIT Solutions is recognized for it's achievements and accomplishments with the 2018 Best of Chicago Award.

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29 01 2019

How Smart Hands Help Your Business

While many tasks can be handled remotely, there are times where you need on-site support. Maintaining enough technical resources with the rights skill sets at each location can be...

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25 01 2019

Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Plan

Is your business safe from cybersecurity threats? Do you have a plan to proactively improve and protect against new types of attacks? We want to help you improve your cybersecurity...

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10 01 2019

Cybersecurity Trends – BEC Phishing

Ransomware may be the number one cyber threat but there is another, newer cyber attack that is not being talked about enough. This threat can result in the loss of millions of...

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18 12 2018

The votes are in: ImagIT Wins Two Awards at ChannelPro SMB Forum 2018!

ImagIT wins the Best Solution Presentation and the Best Silver Selfie Video at ChannelPro SMB Forum 2018.

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14 12 2018

CompTIA State of the Channel Study Highlights Need for Partnerships

CompTIA’s yearly State of the Channel report covers trends in the technology ecosystem by surveying hundreds of U.S. IT businesses. We looked at their 2018 report as it pertains to...

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06 12 2018

Investing in IT: How to Choose the Best Option

One thing we see a lot at ImagIT is that many people don’t think about the true cost of a job well done. When we submit a proposal for IT services, it’s always based on our real...

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20 11 2018

Expand Your Business with ImagIT's Engineers!

November 20, 2018 |

IT Planning, Channel Partner, IT Services

Have you turned down work because you don’t have the coverage or capabilities to complete your client’s request? Stop saying “no” and start selling outside your zip code with help...

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06 11 2018

Get more done with Devops!

November 6, 2018 |

IT Planning, IT Services, DevOps

You’ve heard the term, but what really is DevOps? Who is using it and why? And how can your organization implement DevOps and reap the benefits?

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28 09 2018

Windows 7 End of Life Countdown

Windows 7 is nearing end of life yet is still in use by almost half of businesses. Many organizations have yet to develop a strategy to migrate to Windows 10 and some are not even...

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17 05 2018

Six Important Benefits of Project Management

If you want to ensure your project’s success, it is important to use dedicated project managers to oversee your project from conception to completion. Project management helps...

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23 03 2018

9 Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization helps businesses improve operations and decrease spending. Learn about the benefits of a virtual environment and decide if this technology is right for your business.

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15 12 2017

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

As cyber threats increase and with so many natural disasters happening every month, it has never been more important for companies to be prepared for the unexpected.

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26 07 2017

The Fine Print: How Inexperienced IT Technicians Can Cost You

July 26, 2017 |

IT Planning, IT Services

Lower costs don’t always equate to a good deal.

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